Indian Sapphire Wavy Curly


Our Virgin Sapphire Wavy Curl Hair is the most versatile raw textures we offer. It has a mixture of waves with a slight curl. Sapphire wave gives you more of a body wave feel with more lasting waves. All Indian temple hair has no consistent wave/curl pattern. The longer the hair, the looser the curl & shorter can be tighter just vary per donor. This hair result back to its natural state after many of washes. It blends very well with all textures of hair. Sapphire wave has endless options. You can wear this hair wet, wavy, curly or bone straight. With proper care you can expect this product to last up to two years.

Oz: 100 grams per bundle

Weft: Machine weft double drawn

Origin: India

Color: Natural Color Only (Typically 1b-2)

Disclaimer: Please note all Virgin hair typically comes in natural color 1b. Hair may need to be colored and cut/styled to meet your personal preference.

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